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I know I haven't been with collapser for years like some of you or maybe not even more than a few months, but the short time I did play here on Collapser I realized a lot of things, met a bunch of new people, and did a few things I enjoyed doing. As most of you know I played Luminera for about 2 years and as that got boring and I knew some people were over here playing Collapser, i migrated over here. When I first got here the server was nothing like it is today in size or complexity. The spells were fairly the same as real life tibia, the levels weren't high, and the amount of custom things on the server were limited. As i slowly leveled and met some people I grew to like the server as it was something to do in my procrastination of classwork, as well as a place I could actually enjoy the people around and the things I did. Then came the dreaded reset, which at first upset me cause I had finally made it to be one of the top levels on the server and catching top magic level.

However, in the end it really wasn't a big deal, there were some new things added and it gave me a chance to become a top level right off the bat and to try and compete with some of the people I had met. People came and went, no one in particular that i really cared for, but the community was changing rapidly. One day i was approached by Mike (God Guthead to others) to become a GM as the other GMs thought i'd be a good fit. This was after the time when GMs had the ability to make items, teleport players etc, so being a GM was basically just about enforcing the rules and helping people. Peopel hated me being a GM for whatever reason, even though I personally do not believe I ever wronged anybody. Sorry to all of you who can't take my don't give a shit, say whats on my mind personality, most of you are still young and will realize people are fucking stupid. Anyways, lost my GM a few times for whatever reasons got it back.

In my time here on collapser I have done alot to contribute to the community and the freshness of the server, much which has gone unnoticed the common person. The wikipedia which will remain here still outdated was my creation, it may have never helped anyone, but I took personal pride in trying to provide accurate information and perhaps even useful stuff for people. As a ex-OT owner myself I know how things work and how to do things, such as edit the sources, make complex scripts, monsters, spells, you name it I can do it. So i started helping Mike with some new quests, ideas, and commands that would make the server a little more unique. To this date i have created for Collapser, the unholy bugged out (now fixed) spell quest, the cyclops island or whatever it is called now, even tho i never finished most of the actions/quests for it, and made it awfully big, the !online,!highscores,!whois, (maybe one day the arena even), auto house delete script, and also helped with some errors that we had in other scripts, I even deleted 99.9% of the duplicate entries in the skills section of our database so that the skills didn't show 50 for each person in the highscores.

And to address the the lastest chapter of my reign here in Collapser. Most of you are concerned about my lastest reaction to my losing GM for the last time. Well honestly, fuck you all. You can call me an asshole, emo or whatever you want, all you want, and it doesn't hurt my feelings. I personally don't even care that I lost my GM, just the reason I lost it, but whatever, sorry for having a life people ;). Now I am leaving on my own terms, no offense to Mike or anyone else on here, but I can't be around here to watch the server I enjoyed playing, start to go downhill. Not even just the gameplay, but the actions of the community and the corruptness of a few of the staff members which is just another issue altogether.
So with that, I suppose this is good bye. I will be hosting a private server, which is mainly just a hall of rejected ideas from Collapser, but its a fun getaway from the things that go on with Collapser sometimes.

I am sure I could write all night about the experiences I have been through on here and the things I've seen, but its late, and I am sure half of this didn't make sense to begin with. So good bye and I hope some of you people grow up, there is a world outside of Tibia, and i guarantee most of you aren't ready for it acting the way you do. If anyone needs to contact me my email once again is, flame,spam, don't really care what u do with it :).

To the people I will miss :* <3
Puffles,Mira, Yuki (can't just hate you :<), Mike (meh ;>), Jeff (meh aswell ;>)

*meh, we had our good and bad times, but we made it through

..and to everyone else that I forgot, I probably didn't really forget you, I just don't really give a shit about you.

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